My Elvish Club

People who talk a lot about great ideas all the time or all the things they are "going" to try irritate me. I guess it's because I start to not believe them when they talk. We had some friends of ours move away for like three years to go to school and they never once said anything until everything was in place....the school, the grants, the loans, and their new living space. I was secretly hating them for not telling us until it was practically time to move boxes, but then I thought "You know what? I really respect that. Because I know that when they SAY something, I can believe them and they are going to follow through."

So trying to help your Autistic child can seem like a lot of "talk" or a lot of "try" and I've decided that I don't want to run my mouth until I've already HAD the experience. That's why I haven't blogged in a while.

The last six months for Malachi were really horrible. He had a terrible regression. It started with the volume button on our computer's speaker system. All he wanted to do was listen as he turned the volume knob up and down and up and down. Constantly. He was so tense all the time and as soon as he got in from school he ran to the dang knob. Peeling him away was so frustrating. And he was doing it at school and at my moms. He started screaming a lot at school whenever he had to do something other than plan an escape to his precious volume knob. It was like he totally forgot that he used to like other going outside and playing in his sandbox and looking at books and doing puzzles. He was miserable.

Then he started mouthing. He started mouthing and sucking on his shirt sleeve. Then progressively over 6 months, it turned into chewing and then into ripping his sleeves apart thread by thread with his front 2 teeth. Then it progressed from the sleeves to the shirt collars. I didn't know in the morning if  the shirt I dressed him in would still ALL be there at the end of the day. It was really bad and Sim and I constantly had to discipline him.

I finally started freaking out and reading again, trying to figure out what would make a child become OCD all  the sudden and give him the desire to eat all of these in-edibles. Everything I read had me thinking that we would need more prescriptions and I had finally had it. When I remotely forgot to be consistent with Malachi's anti-fungal meds, his digestion and stools turned into a disaster again. I just felt that after 15 months of intense bio-med treatments, that we still shouldn't be here. We were getting ready to do another set of $250 labs and I just felt like God was pushing the stop button. Sometimes, doing something may be right for only a season. I felt sick almost like "doing this one more time is now wrong." But I was terrified to push pause. And it made me realize what I was trusting in and it wasn't "Gods leading."

Then I came across two books about homeopathy. I had read somewhat in the past about mothers using this for their autistic kids but it just made me angry. It made me angry because I felt like they would talk about these special "remedies" and these remedies all had weird names and moms online would have these in-depth conversations and reading them made me feel like "WHY do you all belong to this secret club where everyone speaks Elvish? What the crap is a remedy and what the crap does the name even mean!?!?!" So I secretly protested homeopathy in my heart. But THIS time, when I read these books, they actually invited me into the club by EXPLAINING what the heck it all means. These remedies are derived from natural substances and they are in their botanical or latin names. DUH. Homeopathy follows something called the law of similars, when means that a substance which can cure an ailment in a sick person, can ALSO cause the SYMPTOMS of that SAME ailment in a healthy person. So, "likes heal likes". And the remedy just "wakes the body up" to heal ITSELF. The body is doing the work. It's a strange and fascinating approach to healing. 

I talked all of this over with Simeon and told him that maybe we should put a halt to these 37 supplements, chelation and labs, and knock on the door of homeopathy. I told him how awesome would it be to just have to give Malachi one--ONE--remedy and that's it. That had Sim sold I think because he was worried about how much time I had to spend each day timing out everything Malachi needed to take. Not that it was a bad thing----we saw lots of improvements doing the bio-med stuff, it's just so expensive and tiring. So I weaned Malachi off of everything. (except a GFCF clean diet).

So we looked at 4 homeopaths and interviewed them and picked one. She wanted to know EVERYTHING. EVERY bit of his history, every toxic assault, which position he falls asleep in, what foods he likes best, his ear infections (which are NEVER NORMAL by the way---this is not a "child's right of passage") his gut, his tonsils, his surgery, EVERYTHING. I told her that I stopped the cycle of antibiotics when he was 2 and told the doctor that the meds are bogus and they just keep us coming in here every 6 weeks. The Homeopath looked up from her computer and said "You have NO IDEA what a crucial and important decision you made that day--good for you that you ended that right away". We left with a remedy called Calcerea Carbonica. It is derived from oyster shells. When I went home and read about this remedy, it matched Malachi's ailments AND personality *almost* to a T. 

5 weeks have gone by and we visited again and he got another dose of this remedy in a higher potency. So far it's been pretty cool. First we noticed that he was STARVING---like his body was saying---dang I am deficient! He also started sleeping more and falling asleep in the car which never used to happen. His screaming at school went way down. His teacher caught him doing PRETEND PLAY the week after the first remedy---something he's never done. Concerning his gut, within 5 days he passed large gray rubbery pieces and "pods" that looked like garlic cloves that had some nasty could toxic smelling stuff inside. NEVER did I see this on prescriptions. He started really playing with Mariah (although it is limited) and they play tag now and wrestle and giggle and touch each other. They jump on the bed and trampoline. I can't tell you how much it makes me happy to hear them interacting. He started playing with our dog, whom he never used to care about--he finds doggie treats and runs outside to find Beast and feeds him treats and giggles. He goes outside in the backyard all on his own now. He remembered that he liked to be outside and play in his sandbox. He tried to imitate me in the garden by grabbing the wheelbarrow and trying to use the big shovel----he tried to place his feet and "jump" on it like he saw me doing.  A lady at the store greeted him and he looked right at her and said "I say Hi!" He is making more eye contact. He is calmer---less jumping. He is writing his letters better at school---no scribbles everywhere. We caught him playing with a puzzle again in his room. He did some "coloring" on his iPad and chose appropriate colors for the objects. He said "Bye Mrs. Downing" to his teacher before getting on the bus---without being prompted. 

But he ate dirt in our garden and the chewing remained. So we started an intense transdermal magnesium chloride "therapy" on him on April 10th. By April 20th, he quit chewing and shredding his clothes. Mag deficiency can do this, and it's interesting that after his surgery is when we started seeing this. Your body has to DETOX anesthesia, and for every molecule of a substance your body has to detox, you ALSO lose a molecule of magnesium and glutathione. This includes the crap in your food that you may not know that you have to DETOX. We should never have to DETOX the things we are eating.

We also started him on Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma because at the root of a lot of his issues is that the entire pH of his body needs to change. I will have to leave this for another post. But for the last 2 days he has had normal stools and no yeasty issues. 

I like my new club that speaks Elvish.

5 Response to "My Elvish Club"

  1. Ben Stepp says:
    May 12, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    By "the pH in his body needs to change..." what is this referencing? I've often wondered if that is the root problem of ALL of my digestive issues... let me know what remedies this, because I'm at a loss! And good for you- seeing the homeopathic practitioner. I'm a HUGE advocate of them- who do you see? I used to work for American Nutrition, who works with several of the local docs, and sells a lot of wonderful products (our personal preference for several household ailments are Hylands brand products) :) - Sarah Stepp

  2. HMClark says:
    May 12, 2012 at 8:18 PM

    malachis body is more on the acidic side of the pH scale which is allowing the yeast/candida problem to thrive and for mineral deficiency to remain. It's really hard to change this around on a 5 year old because a lot of alkaline foods he will not eat a lot of. So the Sea water (quint on Plasma) is the perfect natural remedy for this. It's mineral content matches that of our blood plasma composition EXACTLY and can heal the GI tract. Look it up and google Quinton testimonials sometime. Rene Quinton from France *was* as popular as Loius Pasteur back in the day but we don't hear of the guy now.....

  3. Anonymous Says:
    May 21, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Can you recommended any of the books you read on homeopathy?

  4. HMClark says:
    May 29, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    Hello Anonymous! I recommend reading "The Impossible Cure" by Amy Lansky and "Autism:Beyond Despair. Cease Therapy" by Dr. Tinus Smits. Read them in the order I listed and the information will make more sense to you if you are new to homeopathy :)

  5. Drew's Diary says:
    June 1, 2012 at 6:09 PM

    I speak Elvish and I'm very glad you've joined the club. :) Hope you continue to see success!!